The Hypnotist

by averageBear source literotica

"I call 'bullshit!'" laughed Emma, her emerald eyes sparkling.

"I'm telling you, it's true!" I countered.

"You -- a hypnotist? No way! You wouldn't even be able to talk a hooker into going down on you." She flipped a stray auburn curl from her eyes, smirking.

What? I thought. Did my best friend really just turn the conversation to oral sex? I looked down at my shoes, unable to maintain eye contact.

Emma burst into raucous laughter. "Your face is as red as Rudolph's nose," she said, "and just as bright!"

"Thanks, Mrs. Santa," I replied.

"Not married, thank you very much!"

"Okay, Miss Santa..."

"Not a part of the elf family," she answered.

"Definitely not a heavyset white-haired matron," I blurted out, unthinking.

Emma smiled. "Why, Jack -- I do believe you're flirting with me."

"Yeah, right," I answered, "trying to seduce the impenetrable fortress of stone..."

"So you want to penetrate me?"

I glared at her. "That's not what I meant, and you know it! I was referring to the fact that in the six years we've been friends, since the first day of ninth grade, you have never, EVER gone out on a date. Half the guys on our team call you 'Ice Maiden' behind your back."

Emma and I were on a co-ed softball team together. "A bunch of wannabe ballplayers think they know me? I'm as passionate as the next girl..."

"The other half think you're a lesbian."

"I'm as straight as a softball bat."

"Well, people couldn't tell by looking at your social calendar."

"That's 'cause I spend too much time with you." She looked me in the eye, raising a Spockian eyebrow.

We were known as "the Keystone Kids" on the team, with her -- easily the better athlete -- playing shortstop and me at second base. We were pretty much joined at the hip off the field as well as on.

"So I'm ruining your social life?"

"I didn't say that. I just mean that you take up large chunks of time on my social calendar -- which is why I don't understand how you could have become a hypnotist without my knowing it."

"But it's true..."

"How?" she queried.

"YouTube. Videos by some foreign guy named Eugen Popa."

"I call bullshit again."

"Let me demonstrate."

She nodded.

"We'll need a quiet, dimly lit place," I continued.

"How about my bedroom? I can draw the shades. And I have candles."

I gulped. "Um, sure, Emma."

"You can sit on the bed," I instructed as we entered, using a soothing voice to relax her. "Focus on the candle."

"Mmmhmmm," she answered, staring at the candle.

"Picture a blue door," I said softly.

"Mmmhmmm," she repeated. Her eyes were locked on the candle.

"You are grasping the handle of the door."

She reached out.

"You are turning the handle."

She twisted her wrist.

"You are opening the door."

She drew her hand toward her torso.

"You are now under my command."

"Mmmhmmm," she answered.

The key to maintaining hypnosis is confidence. This was the moment of truth.

"You're a hooker," I said confidently, thinking back to the beginning of our conversation.

"I'm a hooker," she answered.

"You're going to suck my cock."

"Mmmhmmm." Her hand went out from her torso, grasping my zipper and pulling it down. I helped her by sliding my jeans and boxers down to my knees.

She grasped my swollen shaft and began fondling it gently. She leaned in, sniffed, and smiled. Then she licked. Then her mouth enveloped me. And bobbed. And bobbed again. I was in heaven. My best friend was blowing me. But it wasn't enough.

"You're going to take your clothes off," I said.

"Mmmhmmm," she answered. We had her naked in no time. The carpet matched the drapes.

Another rule of hypnosis is that you can't make someone do something that they're not actually willing to do. You simply remove inhibitions. I held my breath before my next statement, realizing that it was everything to me.

"You're going to fuck me."

I noticed that her nipples seemed engorged. I confirmed her subconscious willingness with a light touch to her slit. My fingers came back coated with her juices. My guilt was assuaged.

She lay back on the bed, her knees splayed apart. I rubbed my shaft along her cleft, then eased my way inside. I was overwhelmed with emotion. "I love you, Emma," I sighed.

Emma smiled. "Hypnotist, my ass," she said, then grasped my buttocks, pulling me deeper inside.

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