Sizzling Summer Sex

by sensationalize source literotica

Another beautiful day as the morning has broken to a new family home. A baby was crying on the crib that suddenly awakened the mother who panicked and rolled over towards the edge of the bed only to fell on the floor with her butt first. "Owwww!" Julia Bar, a mother of two, or rather three had an eight months old baby girl, a seven-year-old son and a twenty-year-old step-son. She got up and rubbed her rear while she attended to her baby girl, Jillian. She lifted her up from the crib and hushed her from crying. She cradled and comforted her like a good mother until the baby calmed down.

Julia had a long beautiful and golden hair that was always tied in a high ponytail, fair skin, with a height of 5'4". She was about to turn thirty-one years old on November but she still looked forever young, wild and free. She was gorgeous for her age. Too gorgeous that her husband, Dan, divorced his previous wife for her. Dan married her when she was twenty-four and they have two children.

Dan happened to have a new job thus they were forced to move to a new house in White Plains Subdivision where it would be near to his workplace. Their new home was way much bigger and more luxurious compared to their humble apartment before. It had five spacious bedrooms, a large kitchen, a fancy living room, three bathrooms, a swimming pool on the backyard, and Julia's favorite, a landscaped garden on the front of the house. The home was almost perfect and too good to be true.

Furthermore, Julia seemed to love the new neighborhood. It had lots of parks and was near the forest as she strived for a healthy living like jogging in the morning with fresh air rather than polluted city air. The pharmacy, the grocery store, and even restaurants were just around the corner of the private subdivision. There were even a private tennis court and some sports activities in a small covered gym nearby. The bus station was just a walking distance and everything seems to be very convenient and enjoyable for them and she felt like they were in the right spot and she thanked her husband's job for that.

Julia kissed her husband goodbye as he drove off to the airport once again. He was going abroad for a business trip with his boss and he was going to be gone for a week or so. Julia retreated in the living room and breastfed the baby as she began to watch some news about the local community. She hummed a tune while she breastfed Jill and sang her to sleep.

It was already summer which meant her seven-year-old son, Jack, was free to do whatever he wants. Jack went over to his friend's house next door to play video games or swim at their pool together with the neighboring kids. Julia then placed baby Jill on the crib at the corner whilst her step-son, Drake, casually made his way through the living room.

Drake never called his stepmother 'mom,' it was always 'Julia,' or sometimes 'Slut,' whenever his dad wasn't around. Drake merely made his way through the house and checked to see if there was anything he could do to save him from this boring summer day. He didn't even care if it was washing the dishes this time.

"Morning honey," Julia said affectionately despite them not really getting along. It's been eight years or so since Julia and Dan got married. For some reasons Julia just couldn't get along with her stepson even though she tries hard. "What do you want for breakfast or rather lunch baby?" She asked while she checked the time and it was almost noon.

Drake merely shrugged as he went through the kitchen. "Got no fucking idea." He mumbled and then just grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. He opened it and began to drink it while he made his way to the couch. He sat down and relaxed onto it seemingly still sleepy. He placed one arm back while he rested there, allowing his back to fully rest along the back of the seat while he held the bottle in the other hand. The temperature was hot for the summer even Julia could feel the heat and somehow she too felt thirsty.

Drake glanced over at his stepmom and then back at the TV. He didn't and really couldn't call her mom based on the fact it made him feel weird. They had fucked a couple of times before when his dad was gone, starting about a year ago or so. Julia even began to doubt whether the baby is his since Jill seemed to get some of his features such as his pointy nose, dark colored hair, and gorgeous blue eyes.

Drake has a messy spiky black hair, a firm athletic build, and he stands about 6.2 foot tall. He was a triathlete. He represented his school once on the regionals and he made it in the top three. Overall, he was a hottie in Julia's eyes. Drake was the very reason why Julia married Dan in the first place and their relationship had been a secret ever since they had sex.

"Hmmnn? How about some bacon and eggs dear or would you like some steak and veggies for lunch?" She asked after Drake flopped on the couch and made himself comfortable as he watched the television with her. "Or would you like me to order your favorite Pizza?" She asked with a smile before she headed towards the kitchen to check the fridge for some breakfast or lunch. "What do you say, Baby?" She affectionately called him names despite him calling her a 'slut' at times. Well, she has become one ever since they had sex several times in the house especially when her husband was away.

Drake shrugged as he soon got up and made his way into the kitchen as well. "I still got no fucking clue... and please stop calling me fucking Baby." He groaned as he hated it when she started calling him that. He then looked into the fridge with her and sighed, being bored and slightly hungry. "Just order a pizza I guess." He shrugged once again and then sat down at the kitchen table, allowing himself to relax once more as he started to chug the water bottle.

"How about you? What do you want to eat?" He asked as he soon stood up and took off his shirt. He placed his shirt on his shoulders and sat back down, taking another few large sips of water until the bottle was completely empty. Damn, he was thirsty and just couldn't take the heat of the summer. He felt hot that he wanted to take his shirt off and of course to tease his stepmother.

Julia panicked a bit when Drake began to take off his shirt. "ACK! What are you doing?" She shrieked. It was her dire weakness to see him half naked. Her nose could bleed from the sight of his gorgeous athletic build, perfectly firm and well-toned body. Nevertheless, she shook her head repeatedly to get a grip of herself as she marched towards the living room towards the phone area in a stiff rigid manner.

Drake smirked as he saw her reaction to him. He admittedly enjoyed the reactions she had both in and out of the bedroom. "Fine, I'll order pizza, if you're feeling so hot, you should have told me," Julia said before she turned on the centralized air condition for him and Baby Jill who was sleeping.

She checked the number before she dialed the phone as she ordered pizza. She thought of ordering two flavors all meat and four cheese. The usual. Or wait did he want something else. "What flavors do you want son?" Since he didn't want to be called baby, she started to call him a son.

He soon enough came over and decided he might as well show her that no, she wasn't going to call him 'son' either. He took a hold of her hips and pulled her hips hard into his. He allowed her plush and admittedly fat ass to poke at his always present bulge. "I don't know. You decide for me." He mumbled down at her ear.

Julia gulped trying to steady herself not to indulge just yet when she was freaking on the phone and she was trying to talk on someone who was taking her order. "Ah yes, how about your best seller?" She asked for the flavor whilst she couldn't help but squirm about when she felt that bulge poked her plump rear. She was wearing her sleeveless simple white shirt and short cotton shorts and some fluffy sleepers.

She could feel her step son's hardened erection through the thin fabric and it made her moan a bit through the phone. "Yes, a bottle of Soda please," She ordered trying so hard to concentrate when her body already gave in. She squirmed and responded to his pull, touch, and bulge.

He casually grabbed her jaw with one hand and have her look straight up and into his blue eyes before he leaned down and placed his lips close to hers. He admitted that he loved teasing her. He knew she loved his body and how it could make her feel whenever his father wasn't around. His father was gone for a week or so and they both know they were alone in the new house. He loved it when he could get a rise out of her both when his father was gone and even when he was home and drunk sometimes.

"Drake!" She wanted to tell him to stop because she was still ordering but she couldn't mutter the word at all. She stuttered while giving the address of the house biting her bottom lip in resistance from time to time.

Drake didn't even speak as he soon enough reached down and slid his hand into her shorts and panties. "What?" He whispered into her ear as he then began to slide his fingers right into her velvet folds. He allowed himself to completely toy with her as if she was always his and not his father's.

He soon enough began to reach up and massage one of her massive breasts in his other hand. "How about we go ahead and head upstairs? I'm bored and need a fuck... so we better hurry up and do it before the pizza fucking gets here." He mumbled into her ear and began to slowly slide his fingers against her clit and felt that tight bundle of nerves.

He didn't even let her get off the phone before he pulled his hands out and began to pull her up the stairs and towards his room, where he knew they wouldn't be bothered. Julia left the phone hanging when she was suddenly pulled up towards the stairs. Her legs were wobbly from his early teases on her wet pussy and clit. She felt her panties became wet and damp that she blushed a bit with reddening cheeks.

"And make sure to ask how long we got until it gets here." He reminded as the last time they fucked and ordered pizza, Drake had to stop in the middle of the sex which led him to practically fuck her into the floor and almost got them both caught by the neighbors.

"They said fifteen to thirty minutes." She said before entering the room. His bedroom. His room was very much her favorite place to make love since it was his territory. It was filled with his sexy scent that it was quite arousing.

Drake had been doing most of the thing always that Julia decided to suddenly push him forward forcing him to take some steps backward until he was forced to flop and sit on the edge of the bed. She suddenly claimed his lips for a kiss before he could mutter a word or protest. She locked his lips in a kiss before suddenly without a warning grasped his crotch with her right hand.

Drake began to make out with her right then and there once she attached her lips to his. Suddenly, he grabbed her shirt and ripped it off of her. He did not really care about the aftermath. He always tended to be rough and impatient. Julia intended to take it slowly but surely but damn his impatience. He then grabbed at her bottoms and undid them, lowering them down as he then got undressed soon after. His thick and now erect cock stood straight up into the air.

While they kissed, he grabbed at her bow bare ass and lifted her into the air, turning them over and slammed her onto the bed. Without much time for her to protest, he placed her in a folded position with her ankles pinned solidly above her head in a mating press position. Good thing she was still a flexible thirty-one-year-old mom that it was effortless for him to lift her legs up and position her.

He then drew his hips back and slid that obscenely oversized cock into her pussy.

He was only able to fit so easily because of a particular night a month ago where they had the whole house to themselves and he fucked her into practically cummings on command. Those even overlarge and round balls of his began to smack against the bottom of her ass. "God damn." He moaned as he immediately began to slam his hips straight down into hers with a thunderous and echoing THWACK! THWACK! THWACK!

"Hmn!" As soon as he buried his enormous manhood balls deep she moaned repeatedly in every rough and vigorous thrust. "Ahn! Ahh! Ah! Ahn!" She whimpered in breathless moans whilst bouncing back and forth his crotch.

Her sinful slippery slit slapped lewdly against his crotch. She was all warm and wet that squishing sounds lewdly filled the room with a Flop! Flop! Flop! Flop! Not to mention her moaning without abandon.

Soon, she felt herself tighten as her soft cheeks sheathed his hard length up to the hilt, thick shaft almost pulling her apart, her hands clenched on his shoulders so tight. "Drake, Babe, I'm cumming!" She whimpered helplessly embarrassed that she was having an orgasm so soon. The excitement in having him inside her in such forbidden sex was unbearable.

Drake moaned and just continued to fuck her and had his way with her. "Go ahead. Fucking soak that dick." He growled down at her as he pulled away from her for just a moment to get a view of that body of hers, watching her body bounce off his hips over and over again like she was actually in a bouncy house than on his bed getting fucked.

His cock repeatedly kissed at her womb, hinting at the fact that if they kept this up, he might just knock her up himself. He actually assumed she wouldn't mind based on how often she would let him cum inside of her when she was riding and bouncing on his cock. Julia moaned ever so lustfully and meaningfully. "Aghn Agh Drake!" So heated that her body temperature was rising with the summer heat. Her face was wincing like having an inner struggle and it felt like she's having a fever when she was burning to the core. She couldn't feel such pleasure with her husband only Drake could give her such heavenly blissful experience.

Eventually, he leaned back down and went back to making out with her. He knew she loved it when they kissed while one or both of them started to cum. His head moved side to side and the kiss got even deeper, making sure she enjoyed it and soaked his cock with that perfectly made lube of hers. She suddenly came and squirted her own orgasm when she tossed her head backward parting from the kiss and moaned out loud for her sweet and divine release.

His balls merely smacked along her ass, allowing her body to know that she'd be receiving a proper load from him as he always gave her. There wasn't a time they fucked that she didn't leave the room completely filled to the brim with his cum, if not three times over by the end of the night.

"Ugh! Fuck!" She winced achingly with her eyes closed uncontrollably squirted around his piercing manhood before she soaked his balls and crotch. Transparent pussy juices squirted from the entrance of her channel down her crotch and her thighs before she soaked his sheets. Damn, she had to change it later but worried about it not when she wanted... "More!" She cried with teary eyes begging to her handsome stepson to pound him some more.

Drake smirked as he soon enough turned her around and forced her to lay flat on the bed. Admittedly, she was such a slut, but damn did she know what to say to get him going. He then grabbed her and suddenly stuffed his raw cock into her pussy again. He raised her ass into the air. "God damn you're such a fucking slut." He moaned down at her and slapped her ass, making it turn a bright red as he began to rapidly slam his waist right into her ass over and over again. He sent a loud and echoing clap through the entire room as he wasted little time fucking the hell out of her.

His cock kissed at her cervix and practically claimed her entire pussy for only him to use. His heavy and oversized balls began to smack along her clit in the new position. It only added to the pleasure she'd receive. He reached down and pulled back on her hair, forcing her to look back at him and into his eyes. "But I guess that's what happens when you fall in love with your fucking step-son and his dick, hmm?"

Beads of sweat dripped down Julia's neck. She totally forgot she was Drake's stepmom and she was roughly pounded from behind again and again. The thought of Drake's body and his cock slamming on her pussy rendered her to reach orgasm once more. "Agh!". She came again and spurted her juices from the entrance of her channel. Transparent fluid streamed down her thighs before it dripped down and soaked his bed sheet once more.

Julia's uncontrollable spasm forced Drake to reach his own orgasm. He came in one swift and powerful thrust. He buried his massive length balls deep as he ejaculated his potent seed straight to his step mother's womb. He panted before he leaned forward her lips for a rough kiss. They were both sweaty from the heat and the sex. However, Drake wasn't finished yet. In fact, it just started.

He started to roughly pound his stepmother again until she was exhausted, used, and spoiled till rotten. Drake didn't stop fucking his stepmother until he was burned out and done. Only the doorbell from the pizza guy interrupted them from the insane heated fuckery as he paused roughly pounding his step mother for a moment. "Pizza is here". He panted heavily while kissing his step mother's lips before she passed out from sexual exhaustion and drifted to sleep on his bed.

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