“Did you like it?”

by anastasia006 source literotica

A long silence stretched between us. I felt my temperature spike as he stood in front of me. The moonlight crept through the blinds in the living room, gently reflecting off his olive skin. I could just make out his intimidating silhouette and the glimmer in his dark eyes.

His breath was shallow, and his brow furrowed in contemplation. He seemed as though he was struggling for the right answer.

But how could there be one? When what I was asking was so clearly wrong.

"Anna..." he sounded defeated "go to bed, sweetheart."

He towered over me as he bent down to give me a kiss on the head, like I was a child.

I quickly turned and avoided his eye, making my way back to my best friends room. I didn't want him him to see the way my face turned red at his rejection. I didn't want him to see the tears rolling off my cheeks. I didn't want him to know how much I was willing to risk everything for one chance to be with him. I didn't want him to know I was willing to ruin my relationship with my best friend, just because I was in love with her father.

The moment I made it back to Sarah's door, I quietly tiptoed my way over to her bathroom, and silently locked the door. I turned on the light and saw my reflection in the mirror.


My reflection stared back at me. Tears streaked down my pink cheeks, making me look even younger than my 21 years of age. My large blue eyes were rimmed red, and my blonde hair was a mess. My puffy lips quivered with humiliation as I replayed the night in my head.

We all ate and laughed together like usual. Just me, Sarah, and her parents. It had been this way since I was 17. My mom checked out on the parental front long before that, but the hope that she would wake up one day and do right by me stayed. My dad had never been in the picture. That's one of the reasons I loved being at Sarah's house. I loved her and her family. They never fought, they demanded respect, but spoiled Sarah and I with their love. They were nothing short of great parents, and I was jealous.

Even though they treated me like a second daughter, it wasn't the same. I ached for the unconditional love that only a family could have.

It wasn't until I turned 19 or so that I realized I ached for something more.

Everything had been so nice and normal. I should've left it that way. Why would I think that Mr. Stollar would feel the same? I guess pining after him for the past three years had made me hopeful, possibly delusional to the cold hard reality that he didn't want me.

Oh god, and now he knew how I felt!

My hands covered my face in embarrassment...I wanted to go home. I couldn't though, without alerting Sarah that something was wrong. I'd have to stick it out till morning.


I woke to the sound of Sarah brushing her teeth.

"Morning, sleepyhead." She managed with the toothbrush in her mouth.

"Morning." I said groggily as I pushed the covers down my legs.

"Mom is making breakfast. Eggs and bacon!" She said with a beaming smile.

I, too, smiled at the thought of cheesy eggs and crispy bacon, but my smile quickly faded when I remembered that Sean would be eating with us.

Oh god, I cringed as embarrassment washed over me. How foolish could I be? To think that this 47 year old man, with a loving wife and a daughter my own age, could want me was pitiful. A man who's only shown me kindness since I was a teenager. I felt so guilty.

And I felt even more guilty when I thought about how shocked and disheartened he looked last night.

Ugh, last night. After dinner, I helped Sarah do the dishes and we went back to her room to get ready for bed. I slipped into a big white T-shirt and a pair of pale blue panties, when I heard moaning downstairs. I looked over to Sarah, only to see she was already fast asleep. Curiosity got the better of me and I snuck out of her room.

I tiptoed to the top of the stairs and peeked down to the living room. I was completely floored when I saw Adrianne, Sarah's mom, sitting on the couch with her head back and her legs spread wide, and Sean kneeling before her. He was kissing her thighs and fingering her pussy. I could see her wetness on his fingers as they slowly glided in and out of her. His beautiful coffee colored eyes darkened as he gazed at his wife. His strong jaw tensed as he focused on bringing her such intense pleasure.

As I watched Adrianne's face redden and contort with delight, I grew envious. She was panting and grinding her hips. I sat down, slid a hand into my own panties and mimicked his movements, pretending it was me sprawled out on the couch with Sean between my legs.

His head dipped down and slowly moved over her pussy. He stuck his tongue out and licked her clit, kissing it and sucking it into his mouth; eliciting a low moan from Adrianne. His head whipped up, and slowly brought a finger to his glistening lips, silencing his wife. He slipped two fingers in her mouth, muffling her moans as he pumped the others in and out of her wet pussy. He lowered his mouth back onto his wife's clit, only to glance up and catch me spying on their intimate moment.

Sean's eyes widened in shock and his movements slowed a bit, but hesitantly resumed at Adrianne's whining protests. I froze as he glared at me. With anger in his eyes, he continued to suck on his wife's clit. I could hear how wet she was as his fingers slid inside of her. Her eyes were closed, and her grinding had intensified. She was practically humping his face. Smothered moans escaped her lips, so he covered her mouth with his entire palm.

I began moving my fingers over my clit again, sometimes dipping them lower to spread my wetness all over my delicate folds. He watched me, but the anger in his eyes was replaced with hunger; I don't know for who. I kept teasing my pussy as he licked his wife's, while staring at me. I saw him glance down at my moving hand. My juices had seeped through my undies, I was so hot and soaked I couldn't take it anymore. I needed him to see me. I still can't believe what I did next...

I spread my legs open and pulled my panties to the side. Sean moaned onto his wife's mound and in that moment I knew the look of hunger in his eyes was meant for me.

He lifted his head up and began talking to Adrianne, but kept his gaze locked on mine. His hand covered her mouth and he doubled his efforts on her pussy, roughly shoving his fingers inside her.

"Baby...your pussy is so wet. I want to feel you cum on my fingers...cum... cum for me baby.." he urged with that deep voice.

I sat on the steps and pulled my knees up to my chest, keeping them spread. I was fully on display for Sean, rubbing my clit and grinding my hips. I dipped two fingers in my pussy, and brought them to my lips. They dribbled with my arousal as I slowly slid them in my mouth.

His jaw dropped in surprise, "Oh god" he groaned. I could tell that he was starting to lose control.

"You gonna cum for me, slut? You're so nasty spreading your legs like that. I wanna see you cum."

Adrianne's eyes remained shut as her husband furiously rubbed her pussy. Little did she know that he was watching a 21 year old spread her dripping lips for him less than ten feet away.

I felt so dirty. So exposed. I couldn't believe this was happening. The fact that Sean didn't stop finger-fucking his wife when he saw me watching from the stairs had me reeling. The way he licked her while he stared at me racked my nerves. I was positive he felt the same way.

I reached for my T-shirt and pulled it up over my voluptuous tits. My large pillowy breasts stood proudly on my chest, they were firm and topped with hard pink nipples. I ran my fingers over them, squeezing them, sending electric shocks down to my pussy.

I pulled my knees up even higher and spread my legs wider, fully exposing my ass to Sean. I was almost bent in half, trying not to fall down the stairs. I used both of my hands and grabbed my asscheeks. I pulled them apart, revealing my hot pink center. My pussy opened up and pulsed with desire as my arousal leaked over my asscrack.

I heard Sean groan and saw the thick head of his cock poke out above his boxers.

I could hardly breathe I was so turned on. I couldn't believe I was degrading myself like this for my best friend's dad.

While keeping one hand on my ass, I plunged two fingers in my pussy. I was so wet, I was afraid Mrs. S might hear me. I removed my dripping fingers from my tightness, and moved them over to my ass. I began spreading my juices all over my puckered hole, rubbing it until it was glistening.

Sean's jaw dropped as he watch me act like a total slut for him. Was I even acting at this point? This was by far the most fucked up thing I'd done, and I never felt more alive.

Adrianne's stifled groans snapped me back into reality. She was getting louder behind Sean's hand as he pulled his fingers out of her slick core and quickly rubbed her clit. Sweat trickled down her flushed skin. The effect he was having on her turned me on in such an unexpected way. I was hot, and getting so jealous. I just wanted to feel him touch my clit.

I rubbed my pussy faster, smearing my wetness all over my lips and my thighs. The burn was constant. Juices steadily leaked out of my tight hole and onto the stairs, forming a wet spot on the carpet beneath my ass.

I felt close...like my orgasm was slowly creeping in. My toes started to tingle and I felt this inexplicable warmth and energy begin to fill up every part of my mind and body. My nerve endings were alive, my skin pebbled in goosebumps as a wave of pleasure drew near. Everything felt good, every touch and movement. I had to cover my own mouth, at this point, to stifle the moans that desperately tried to escape.

My fingers quickly glided up and down my slit, delving into my hole every so often; only to trail right back up to my pearly nub.

Suddenly I heard Mr.S moan "Oh baby, your cunt looks so fucking beautiful. Cum for me..." with a devilish grin, he stared right into my eyes and said "Cum for Daddy..."

At that moment I felt my body burst with euphoric pleasure. Wave after wave, my pussy squirted juices down the stairs. My orgasm rolled over me and both of my holes wildly contracted for Sean. I could feel the muscles in my pussy and ass clench and unclench, gushing wetness with every pulse.

I refocused my lust filled vision on Sean, who stood over his wife, finger banging her and looking over at me in utter shock. His eyes roamed all over the scene before him and the mess I made. There were wet spots splattered at least three steps before me. And there I sat at the top of the stairs, knees up high, body bent in half, stretching my asscheeks wide, displaying my slimy pulsing holes for my best friend's sexy dad.

I came down from the high of the most intense orgasm I ever had. I shivered from the aftershock. A delicious warmth swam over me and my thoughts swirled around in a lusty haze. I slowly grew aware that I was still pulling my holes open wide for Sean... I realized my sex had probably been gaping throughout my entire orgasm. Every time my muscles contracted, I was left helpless to my privates wantonly puckering open and close, like a fish's mouth. I abruptly felt the gravity of the situation and guilt took over me as Sean continued to stare.

I pulled my sticky panties back into place and snapped my legs shut. Sean's face dropped a bit and it seemed the reality of the moment hit him too. He reluctantly tore his gaze away from me and refocused his full attention to his squirming wife. I slowly crept up the stairs, realizing that Adrianne was close to cumming herself. I stood and backed up into the hallway, but never took my eyes off of Mr. S. That last image of Sean glancing up at me as his wife humped her squirting pussy all over his face would be seared into my brain forever.

After that, I raced toward the hallway bathroom to clean myself up. I could hear Sean and his wife sweet talking to one another as Adrianne came down from an undoubtedly amazing orgasm.

They began walking up the stairs when I heard Adrianne whisper loudly to her husband, "What the hell? Ew... why are the stairs so wet?"

My face flamed in embarrassment as Adrianne exclaimed her disgust of my pussy secretions to Sean. She didn't know what it was of course...but he knew. I could only wonder if he was looking down at the puddle I left on the carpet in revulsion.

Suddenly I heard him chuckle and say, "Honey, I spilled some water earlier. I'll mop it up. Go get yourself in bed."

"Hmm. Alright." She suspiciously murmured, not entirely buying that it was water.

I heard Mrs. S climb up the stairs and step into the master bedroom, closing the door behind her.

I opened the bathroom door just a crack and peeked out into the hallway. All of the lights were off and the only thing illuminating the house was the moonlight shining through the large windows.

I got the sudden urge to go downstairs and talk to Sean. It was like someone took over my body, as my legs stepped forward and took me down the stairs. I felt as though I was watching myself float through the house. My mind had no idea what I was going to do next, but apparently my body did.

I stopped moving when I saw Sean sipping a beer in front of the living room window. He was still only wearing his boxers.

His torso gently moved up and down with every breath. His chest looked so chiseled and hard...I couldn't help but drink in his sculpted physique. His abs were defined and sparsely covered in a trail of dark hair that moved past the deep V in his hips and into his silk boxers. And his boxers. My eyes were glued to the impressive bulge in his boxers as I remembered the way it strained against the fabric earlier; and revealed a bulbous cock head.

I was staring at his body for so long that I didn't even realize that Mr. S had been watching me. My face reddened as I struggled to meet his knowing eyes.

I stepped closer to him, inhaling his musky scent. I looked up at him beneath long lashes, my blue eyes dilated.

He peered down at me, his brown eyes reflecting something deeper. My skin flushed and my nipples poked through my T-shirt...I needed to know what he thought of me.

"Mr. S?" I asked innocently

His voice was deep when he replied, "Yes, Anna?"

"I...um...I really liked watching you earlier. I...I liked the way that you watched me."

Mr. S looked pained as I dared to acknowledge what happened. His forehead wrinkled and his lips parted, but he was at a loss for words.

He towered over me as I finally asked him

"Did you like it?"

Sean let out a long sigh and took a sip of his beer. He ran a hand through his peppered hair and closed his eyes.

"Anna..." he solemnly said "go to bed, sweetheart."

He bent over and gently brushed his lips over my forehead, like I was a kid.


"Anna?" I faintly heard my name.

Suddenly hands gripped my shoulders and shook me back and forth, "Earth to Anna! I said mom is making bacon and eggs. She needs to know if you want toast or a bagel to go with?" Sarah demanded.

I was so wrapped up in the memory of last night that I stopped paying attention to Sarah.

"Oh sorry, I got distracted. Um, I would love toast." I said hopping out of bed.

"Okay I'll let mom know. You get ready." She told me.

I walked over to the bathroom and washed my face. I put on some lipgloss, mascara, and brushed my wavy blonde locks. I went back into Sarah's room and opened the closet, I pulled out a casual wrap dress. It was baby blue, just like the panties I wore last night. I decided to forgo underwear because I didn't want to get a pair of Sarah's really wet, and I could already feel myself getting slick with the anticipation of seeing Sean.

I looked in the mirror and felt satisfied with my sweet appearance. I took a deep breath and stepped out of Sarah's room.

I suddenly bumped into a warm wall of muscle and fell backward. I looked up and saw Mr. S reaching out to catch me, but it was too late. I had fallen on my back and my dress had lifted above my waist. I glanced up at Sean to see that his eyes were glued to my oozing honey pot, but it didn't last long.

His face turned bright red as he rushed out an apology, "oh god, Anna. I'm so sorry sweetie, I didn't mean to knock you over. Are you okay?"

He kneeled down in front of me as I lied there in complete embarrassment. I know he'd already seen me like this, but that was before he rejected me.

My eyes started to water, I felt so emotional and confused. I began to close my legs, but Mr. S's strong warm hand on my knee stopped me.

I looked up to him and saw a beautiful mix of emotion swirling around his brown eyes. I'd never seen a grown man look so conflicted, as though he could almost shed a few tears himself.

His hand on my knee felt incredible. This simple act set my body on fire as my hips started moving of their own accord.

He noticed my gentle grinding, and let out a slight chuckle. His gaze traveled up my body and bore into my glimmering eyes.

"Anna..." he gently murmured. "You know you're special to me, right? I think you're smart and passionate," he hesitated "and beautiful...You could have anything you want...but you need to make the right choices for yourself. I think of you like a daughter, sweetie."

He continued quietly, "I... I'm sorry about last night. It was wrong. I should've stopped the second I saw you watching us from the stairs...I do know that I should've handled it better. But... I don't know what came over me."

Tears freely trickled down my face as he stared into my eyes. I could feel heat creeping up the back of my neck, reaching my cheeks.

He looked at me with empathy, which made me feel even worse. I didn't want his pity. I wanted him to love me the way I loved him. And there I was, sprawled out on the floor in front of him, sniffling like a little girl.

He let out a deep breath and reached for the bottom of my dress. He slowly pulled it down, over my tummy.

Sean held the fabric just above my glistening pussy lips, seemingly savoring the moment, before reluctantly covering my modesty. He finally closed my legs together and kissed the tops of my knees. His hands trailed down the outside of my thighs, and caressed my alabaster skin. Finally, Adrianne called out to us.

"Anna, Sean! Breakfast is ready!"

He stood and helped me to my feet.

He shouted back to his wife, "We're cumming!"

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