The Hypnotist

"You're going to suck my cock." "Mmmhmmm." Her hand went out from her torso, grasping my zipper and pulling it down. I helped her by slidin

Your my bitch now

sometimes I stand in my window and watch you laying out as I pull on my fat cock thinking about how wet your pussy would be if I was inside

Loving chay

My cock took on a mind of it's own as I watched her, feeling myself hardening in my pants. I was fixated on her

Not so innocent anymore

"Open your mouth." I told her. She did and I moved up higher on the couch until I could push my shaft into her mouth. She shook her head a

It was his last Chance

by southurn_fried source literotica Thankfully, it was the final appointment. The multiple trips each week from the suburbs to the...

Sizzling Summer Sex

"Drake, Babe, I'm cumming!" She whimpered helplessly embarrassed that she was having an orgasm so soon. The excitement in having him inside